Parents favorite author gets a realism edit?

JK Rowling, the author that got millions of otherwise illiterate adults (oh and kids too) and wrote one the best-selling books of all time gets rewritten to actually make sense (oh how unrealistic are the things we expect…..)

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, a fan fiction series (which is the length of a book) written by Eliezer Yudkowsky, a man with talents in many areas most of which I find difficult to pronounce, has brought a welcome change of scenery to Harry Potter fans everywhere.
Instead of Harry stumbling around as a bumbling idiotstumb, surviving solely because he is the main character, he instead becomes a super-intelligent and rational (read the title,) boy who dumps unnecessary and potentially harmful relationships before they can form (ahem, Ron.)
Yudkowsky delves into the logic of magic with the help of “Muggle” science and in that vein often speaks about things that make me flip a few pages for the sake of my sanity.
This fan-fic (which is free for download, just use the link I provide above,) feels more like an actual book and in my own not so humble opinion is even better than the original (cue the rotten tomato throwing hordes of JK devotees.)

If you do end up downloading and reading this book, beware! Only do so if you have plenty of spare time, a head that won’t explode at the usage of big words, ideas a bit more advanced than your high school political science class, and lung bursting humor of an intelligent sort (finally!) which will cause all your friends to alienate you. If you answered in the positive to all these questions, read on!
Here ends my very clich├ęd warning that left me bashing my head into the keyboard for even having the audacity to write. y jfW;O IHw 0y6 35wuhngrea hg (That’s the head bashing…)

The origin/ The start of it all

Where does the title of this blog come from? (Why do I assume you people care about these things?) I was reading a book about a Navy SEAL Commander, Rorke Denver.
His book is entitled; Damn Few: Making the Modern SEAL Warrior. It is a book about a superhuman struggle against enemies abroad and on the homefront and the title as well as the. A great read that inspired me greatly… for about a week.
As far as the blog goes, you may notice I’m trying to carefully sculpt a image of being a nice, stable person. Not a gun nut or anything like that. I don’t like gun freaks and consider myself a nice reasonable boy. If you don’t think I’m rational I’ll blow your head off! Bastard.
Essentially me and my roommate were being giddy after reading Denver’s book combine that with being shuttered in the building all winter and thought that Damn Few sounded fun. Plus I liked the idea of juxtaposing myself with these vaunted warriors who sacrifice so much. Doing it makes me feel like a class A poseur and tool,
That’s just about as far as the story goes.

I know you don’t care but i’ll pretend like you do so i’ll get some satisfaction for spilling my secrets all over the internet

If you take a look at all the previous posts on this blog you will notice that there is just about zero identifying information about me. The picture profile for my online gravatar is some Lemony Snicket crap, I never mention any names, and the closest thing I give to you about where I live is a general geographic location, Hell, I don’t think I even mention my age, gender, or whether or not im married (not,) (by the way, I just wrote this paragraph with my face planted firmly in the carpet and and my hands blind typing on my laptop.) So I think i’ll start to put some names to places to make them more easily understood and give you some more info in posts to come perhaps.

Home= Chicago.
School/Work= Texas (not really Texas, its actually on the eastern seaboard in the mountains..)
Me!!= Dude, The Dudester, (just kidding,) James.
My really musically (and in many other ways) talented colleague- Samocles.
Other colleague who is into bass guitar, double bass, and martial arts= Dave
Cook/Roomate/Wishes he could finally get stoned= Cook
Ok, so there are like lots of other people, but I think that’s a good start.

Porter and Chocolate

One of the staff members at the school started a new custom, every Wednesday night all the staff get together and have a little party. Not just any party though. This guy buys a different spread every week. The first week it was mustard sardines and chips with Brown Ale, and IPA. Second week was porter and chocolate. Last night (which was one of the last days of school before break for the holidays) was kipper and lager (did I mention I like this custom?)

Only problem was that I may have drunken a wee bit too much, “No problem” I thought, I know the secret to beating hangovers!! If you ingest a large quantity of water before you go to sleep you will have no problems the next day. I have been fastidious in keeping this rule but wasn’t able to drink more than a liter of water before hitting the sack.

I paid for it this morning, believe me. Teaching rowdy teenagers with a sick stomach is no fun.

Well I am off to curl up in the fetal position in a warm corner somewhere.